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Founded in 2011 byGesner Oliveira, Pedro ScazufcaandFernando Marcato,GO Associados emerged as a consultancy in society. We were born with the objective of using the best techniques and areas ofmultidisciplinary knowledgeto contribute to thebusiness strategies and public policies in favor of sustainable development.

Not even five months after we started, the space where GO was born was too small for the consultancy and its growing number of clients. The company soon had to move to a larger office and six months later, move again to a property in a commercial building on Avenida Faria Lima. Today, our company is located in the Pinheiros region, and we have representatives in several parts of Brazil.

For more than 10 years in the market, we always work with a lot ofethics, integrity and always focused on the customer. We understand that diversity is extremely important for the corporate environment. In this sense, we have contributed to the Business Initiative for Racial Equality in the elaboration of theRacial Equity Index in Companies (IERE)whose main objectives are to stimulate positive competition around the fight against racism, to create a benchmark on racial equity for the Brazilian market, and to highlight the positive relationship between racial equity and economic-financial performance.

With economists, engineers, administrators, lawyers, and even a biologist in the team, we value multidisciplinarity and produceresearch aimed at bringing the market closer to science and vice versa.The construction of this body of skills, well represented among the consulting professionals, allows us to guide national discussions on topics relevant to the country. Only on the economic situation, for example, we contributed to the debate on the future and economic legacy of the Lava Jato operation, the possible solutions for fiscal adjustment, leniency agreements, proposals for infrastructure and GDP growth expectations.

During the pandemic, we had thegreat challengeto fully migrate to the home office, and even so, every Friday, the members of GO Associados meet in person and remotely to take stock of the week and plan the following week.

for us, theGO is movement, because we are a consultancy that does not stop. And that's why in 2023 we will launch a digital platform that will integrate a wide network of consultants.

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